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TFCon Toronto2014

I’m having to wait for photos to filter through online as I could carry a camera, and here’s the few I’ve seen. After shedding blood, sweat and tears over my rig, and flying him from the UK to Canada with me, I didn’t think Sunstreaker would make an appearance as until 3 am Saturday morning, he was still without out a head. I had constructed the fins and the helm itself, but even that was in parts. However, thanks to my partner in crime (Vortex in the pics) acidgreenflames and @ask-dr-knockout we finally completed him. So many great costumes.

If anyone has pics of Sunstreaker and Vortex I would be grateful if you could tag me, or tweet me at DarkestH0ur17 (hour = h-zero-u-r) Thank you :)


TFCon Toronto

In 11 days darkesthour17 and myself head out for Canada where we will meet up with acidgreenflames and spend the weekend at TFCon, meeting other awesome Transformers fans. The weekend will then be followed by a few days of sight seeing. Im looking forward to Niagara Falls. I’m ready for the trip, after all I have my shoulder cannon and what more does a bot need, but the human is stressed to the max. She hasn’t even started packing and is trying to finish her Sunstreaker cosplay and she isn’t having much luck. She’s nuts if you ask me, packing any Sunstreaker into a suitcase is just asking for trouble, let alone transporting him from the UK, but she’s paid for the extra suitcase so is determined to finish. Watch this space.

What have I done, giving Swipe his own account!?

Sunstreaker Cosplay WIP

With TFCon and Auto Assembly on the horizon I really need to get a move on with this, although I am still undecided about his appearance at Auto Assembly.

It is my first attempt at cosplay and for a while I was undecided between Sunstreaker and Sideswipe but I decided that G1 Sunstreaker would be easier to build as his design is a little more linear than Sideswipe’s, however I didn’t take his helm into account. This is my 4th attempt at his helm and finally the design seems to be working. The rig needs to be completely demountable as it has to fit into a suitcase in order to transport him from the UK to TFCon so there will be copious amounts of Velcro involved.

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